Who we are

Thomas Dupont, born in France, based in Berlin since 1998
Designer, specialized on graphic, web, concept and planning of decoration for events.


Project history

The history of “Flower of Light” starts in 2013 during a typical dark Berlin winter. A friend visiting me mentioned the ligthing with plain halogen bulbs in my living-room was too bright and she said that I should go a buy lamp-shades at Ikea to create a nicer dimmed ambient. My answer as a designer was to say I would rather design and build them myself. In the following weeks, I decided to take this seriously and that my passion for nature and sacral geometries should be the basic inspiration for new designs. After 3 months of research, development and prototyping with papercuts in my spare time, the first version of 2 models, “Lotus and “Chakra” were born and ready for further development.