1. Conditions of validity

  2. Offers and description of services

  3. Orders and terms of contract

  4. Prices and shipping-costs

  5. Availability and delivery

  6. Payment methods

  7. Reservation of proprietary rights

  8. Warranty

  9. Liabilities

  10. Records of contract

  11. General informations

  1. Conditions of validity

    1. For the commercial transaction between Flower of Light, Owner:
      Thomas Dupont,
      Simplonstraße 61,
      D-10245, Berlin, Germany
      (described as “retailer”) and the customers (later described as “client”), only the conditions defined in the following terms may apply, unless the retailer has agreed else in a signed document.
    2. Our customer-service is open for enquiries on workdays Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm at +49 30 648 39 428 or via e-mail to info[at]floweroflight.de
    3. According to these terms & conditions, a consumer shall be any natural person who orders a product for a purpose that is neither for his trading nore his professional activity.
    4. Different or modified terms and conditions required by the customer are not applicable, unless previously subjected and approved to our written consent to same.
  2. Offers and description of services

    1. The depiction of the products in the online-shop represents no legally binding offer but merely an invitation to place an order-confirmation. The descriptions in the catalog can not be litteraly taken as a guarantee.
    2. All depicted offers are only available as long as products are in stock, unless explicitly specified. All information subject to mistakes and alteration.
  3. Orders, Conclusion of Contract

    1. The client may choose any products available in the catalog without any obligations and store those in the so-called “Cart” by clicking the “add to cart”-button. That selection may be modified within the cart and products can be added or deleted. Once the selection is complete, the client can place an order by clicking the “Checkout”-button.
    2. By clicking the button “Proceed to checkout”, the client places a binding order of the articles contained in the cart. Before confirming the order, the client can change the contents of the cart by clicking the browser’s “back”-button at any time or completely cancel the order.
      Required information-fields are marked by a star-sign (*).
    3. The retailer will then automatically send an acknowledgment of receipt to the client via email. This acknowledgment recapitulates the detailed contents of the order and can be printed by the client.
      The automatic acknowledgment of receipt only confirms the entry of the order within the retailers booking and does not represent a confirmation of order. The buying-contract is only validated if the order products are shipped or delivered within 3 week-days, or the order and shipping are confirmed in writing via email and including an invoice by the retailer within 3 week days.
    4. If the option of prepayment is at disposition, the contract between the retailer and the client begins with the sending of the bank details and invoice. If the payment hasn’t been completed and confirmed by the retailer’s bank within 10 calender days (including one reminder via email), the retailer can cancel the order without further obligations. Therefore a reservation of any article order with this method can only last 10 calender days.
  4. Prices and shipping-costs

    1. All prices indicated on this website are including the current legal VTA (GST) of 19%, shipping costs and eventual payment-method-fees non-included. The indicated prices are always final but may be subject to modifications and typing-errors.
    2. In extension to the indicated prices, the retailer adds delivery costs. Those extra costs will be indicated separately and distinctively to the Client during the order-process.
  5. Availability and delivery

    1. If prepayment has been agreed, the shipping will only take place after the confirmation of payment.
    2. If the shipping can’t be delivered after 3 unsuccessful attempts for reason due to the client, the retailer is allowed to cancel the order. All payments shall be then be refunded as soon as the products are returned to the retailer by the shipping company. Eventual extra-costs for return-shipping will be deducted from the refunded amount.
    3. Should the ordered product not be available because our delivery contractors cannot re-deliver this product without it being at our own liability, then the retailer can withdraw from the contract. In this case, the retailer must inform the client as soon as possible and eventually propose a similar alternative choice. If no alternative is available or the client doesn’t wish another comparable product, the retailer will refund all sums paid by the client up to this point.
    4. Clients will be informed in detail about the delivery times, conditions and restrictions (e.g. restrictions or impossibility of shipping in defined countries) in a dedicated page of the website and/ or in the actual product description.
  6. Payment methods

    1. The client has the possibility during the order-process to choose between several payment methods put at his disposition by the retailer. The payments methods are described in detail in a dedicated page on the website.
    1. If third-parties (e.g. Paypal) are involved in the treatment of the payment, their respective terms & conditions will lawfully apply to the contract too.
    2. In case of delayed payment, the client is obliged to cover eventual late payment penalties. This doesn’t exclude other potential expenses due to the late payment, which can be consequently added and invoiced by the retailer.
    3. The customer is only entitled to offset if their counterclaims are found to be legally binding or are accepted by the retailer. The customer can only exercise a right of retention as far as it is a matter of claims resulting from the same contractual relationship.
  7. Reservation of proprietary rights

    1. Until confirmed and complete payment by the client, all ordered products remain the property of the retailer.
  8. Warranty

    1. The warranty is defined by the actual laws in place in Germany and within the European Union.
    2. A warranty is only available if clearly stipulated in writing by the retailer. Clients will be informed in details before beginning the order-process.
  9. Liabilities

    1. Beyond the actual criteria defined by currently valid laws, the liability of the retailer is subject to the following limitations and exceptions.
    2. The retailer is only accountable if the origin of the defect or damage to the product is due to obvious negligence or faulty action of the retailer.
    3. Furthermore, the retailer shall be liable in the event of a negligent breach of material obligations where the breach jeopardizes achievement of the purpose of the contract, and in cases of a breach of obligations, where the fulfillment of these obligations is necessary in order for the contract to be duly performed at all and where compliance with such obligations is constantly relied upon by you. However, in such cases the retailer shall only be liable for foreseeable damage which is typical for this type of contract.
    4. The above limitations of liability shall not apply if claims are made for injury to life, limb or health, if they involve a guarantee or a case of deceitful concealment of a defect, or in cases of malice or gross negligence.
    5. If the liability of the retailer is excluded or limited, this also applies for the personal liability of employees or any third person involved in the order-process.
  10. Recording and archive of contractual data

    1. During the final step of the order-process, the client can print the contract before sending the order to the retailer by using the print-function of the browser.
    2. The retailer also sends an Order-confirmation including all order-details to the cient via email to the address provided by the client. With the order-confirmation the client receives a copy of the terms and conditions, shipping-, payment- and withdrawal conditions.

      If the client is registered in the online-shop, he/she can see the status of actual and previous orders in the account-area.
      Furthermore, we keep a copy of the contract archived in our database, yet according to confidentiality rules the retailer will not display it publicly.

  11. General informations

    1. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction: The exclusive place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is the headquarters of Flower of Light in Berlin, Germany.
    2. The official contract language is german. See original terms & conditions here.
    3. Platform of the european commission for Online-Disput-Settlement (OS) for Consumers: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. We are not disposed nore obliged to take part in any disput-settlement or process under the jurisdiction of any other consumer-settlement-court.